The project featured here entailed an almost complete renovation and redecoration.

Sitting on the top floor of an iconic period building, this large and beautiful apartment had been modernised in a number of ways over the years. However, we wanted to recapture the elegance of the building while retaining a relaxed sense of modern comfort.

The challenge for Xavier Hinde Interiors also involved fusing a love of minimalism with a love of the antique. There was an eclectic collection of pieces brought to the space, as well as separate visions of the ideal home.

Xavier Hinde saw a contemporary interpretation of the classical as the perfect meeting point. This was achieved through the application of the panelled effect throughout the whole apartment, the uniform colour from skirting boards to cornice, and the dark floors and ceiling, which also served to dramatically increase the sense of height.

Dressing the elegant arched windows, all of which channel great amounts of light into the space, and which are a focal point in every room, provided another challenge. A combination of sheer and opaque curtains in similar hues to the walls were the best solution; they provide a subtly contrasting texture, while enhancing the fine line of the window frames, further smartened by the use of black.

The ensuing palette, which at first seems restrained, is at once both warm and cool, and is surprisingly broad in the great range of textures throughout. There are a large number of interesting details, yet an overall feeling of calm. A detailed lighting plan was also a key component in this; almost unnoticeable when perfectly executed, the right lighting is an essential element in any space, but especially so when working with a darker scheme.

Judicious editing of existing pieces, careful selection of complementary pieces, and the placement of each item with mathematical consideration further serve to create an interior that is truly individual yet utterly timeless.